Practice Makes Better. All the Time.

We’ve heard the story before: the brain has two halves, and the right side is the “creative” side, the left the “analytic” side. And people are either right or left brain dominant.

It’s a myth. There are some localized brain functions, but modern science is proving again and again that the entire brain is used; the brain is a system, a whole. This post explains it well.

Reality is, you use what you need to, and practice makes better. Humans are good at two things: adapting and making routines. Yes, they are contradictory, but it’s true. We are wonderful at changing, but also very prone to habitual actions, thoughts and so forth.

In other words, don’t make the excuse that you are right-brained and “cannot understand” math. Or that you are analytic and have no eye for art. Better, say you don’t like such-and-such. Or you don’t use that ability much and are out of practice. If you wish you were better, then practice it.

Noah’s Frog

The day that Noah accidentally stepped on a frog and had nearly been crucified by the enraged eighth graders had turned sour by lunch. It was 1:15, and while eighth graders didn’t get recess-it was a kid thing-they did have blacktop time” after lunch, when they would mill about in small groups, talking with each other, flirting with each other, and otherwise acting awkward and out of place, trying to be cool. And failing. It was on the blacktop that the first conversations with girls that were beautiful and boys that were cute took place, where childhood friends since kindergarten were casually betrayed by the cruel-but-true story about dirty underwear and a sleepover back in Mrs. Rotter’s class second-grade. It was jungle, fenced on three sides. If that fourth wall had also been fenced in keeping them off of the grass, it would’ve been a prison yard. All it needed were some plastic shivs and searchlights.

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