Tank Stand

Last weekend I was able to build the first stages of the stand, using 2x lumber. I also built a stand for my water changing station, which is still in progress.

This week I will start “skinning” the stand, or as woodworkers would say, adding the face frame and start the trim project. If the weather is warm enough, I’ll paint the back of the stand and start thinking about the hood.

I’ve bought plumbing the hooking up the new sump and given thought to my algae turf scrubber as well, I may work on that when I get bored and frustrated with the stand.


The Build Begins!

So my gracious wife consented to “giving” me a 125 gallon used tank for Christmas. I found it on Craigslist not far from my house. The owner was selling the reef-ready tank, stand, acrylic sump, return pumps for $250. He threw in some circulation pumps and sand and helped me load the beast as well.

Right now its sitting on my garage floor. The stand was in worse shape than I thought, so that will have to be rebuilt. I need to clean it, paint the back glass and then water-test it again. I’ve also got to paint the wall where the tank will go. Then I’ll be ready to move it in.

In the meantime, I’m saving my “allowance money” and waiting for some warmer weather. I’ll post pictures soon.