What a Day!

Good, but busy day. We had a Winkel this morning (a meeting of the all the pastors in the circuit (deanery/diocese for you Orthodox and Catholic types). It was nice to get to know the newest pastor, Rev. Scott Whittenburg. He seems a good, humble, joyful  type of person. I pray things go well for him. It concluded with an excellent lunch made by the ladies of Zion Lutheran, Fairmont, OK. I ate too much.

Back at my church, I prepared for the Elder’s meeting this evening, got some more paperwork done and basic organization. Then I came home for about an hour, ate a delicious supper made by my beautiful wife and watched Elli’s first soccer scrimage. Youch. They are a really good team, but it takes them forever to warm up. And they were pretty rusty tonight.

Madly running at this point, I dropped her off at home with the big sis while M attended Jack’s first soccer practice. I went to a Band Parents’ meeting at the High School. Mr. Anderson did a fine job leading that meeting and it was informative for me.

Then the elder’s meeting. It went well. You never know with those. Marjorie is now at the church softball game that I am missing since I had the meeting.

Yep. Going virtually nonstop all day. Did I mention may day began at 3:00am when I woke up and didn’t fall back asleep until 45 minutes before the kiddos came downstairs? Didn’t think so.

Good night, all!