Oof! Why or Why the Y?

True confession: several years ago I mentioned working out and inspired Bill Weedon to do the same. He’s lost pounds and pounds and is fitter now than he’s ever been (he says). I have started and stopped and gained 30 pounds over the last year or so. Everytime Weedon boasts on Facebook about his 450 mile bike trips and 87 mile daily runs I want to jiggle my belly at him and tell him it’s his fault. No, it doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how I feel.

So today I went to the Y and did a light total body workout. It felt like my lungs were going to explode (note: could be the untreated asthma–check into that), my legs were replaced with rubber bands and my head was pounding from the extra blood flow.

I do feel smarter, though, with all that blood in my head. Also, I feel like dying.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this, and wonder why I ever stopped.

Here’s to praying and working and praying that I can continue.

Twenty Days

Photo: Hilde Vanstraelen

Yep. That long since my last post. I think it may be time to put up or shut up. Seems like too many blogs are closing down and the pros are taking over. They are consolidating, I guess.

What have I been doing the past twenty days?
Administering the sacraments.
Playing with my fish tank.
Writing some fiction.
Getting the kids ready for school.
Lamenting my girth and trying to figure out a good time to get back to the Y and exercise.

That’s all I have for today.

Jewish Translation of Genesis 3:15

I’ve run into two different translations of Gen. 3:15 from the Torah which read, “You shall bruise their heel, and they shall…”. Yes, plural instead of m/s/n singular. The Hebrew is clearly singular, so what gives?

In Bible Study I suggested this was out-and-out anti-Christian translation to eliminate this as a prophesy of the Messiah. But I did some more research, and, while this still may be true, it also is a result of the singular/plural ambiguity of the word translated “seed,” which Christians render as singular, and Jews translate in the plural, referring to Israel.