This Week’s Plan

The month of insanity is almost behind us. It began with Oktoberfest and Redeemer’s 75th Anniversary; included our District Conference, at which I was the preacher at worship and coordinator of our guest presenter; continued with our Stewardship Sunday; Soccer games; out-of-town guests (parishioners who study at Concordia, Seward); and Reformation Sunday with our annual Voter’s Meeting.

The last even went pretty well. Voter’s Meetings can be a mixed bag, but our outgoing President ran it well, the officers elected, the budget adopted and nary a dissenting opinion or any other kind of unpleasantries. Thanks be to God.

This week I plan on visiting the last few shut-ins for the month, working on my Lutheranism class which starts next Tuesday, beginning study of Romans for my next Bible Study topic and, if there is time, some reorganizing and cleaning my study.

At home I plan on doing some work on the kitchen remodel (finish and touch-up work on Phase I), clean my car and re-organize my garage and generally get ready for my parent’s return later in November to start Phase II of the remodel. I also hope to spend some time working on my current novel and do some prep work for next month’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

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  1. You got me all motivated talking about it last year, so I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo this year too. I’m already starting to sweat and grit my teeth. Can’t wait!

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