Best Laid Plans and All

I had great plans for the week, but everything is now derailed. I’ve been feeling ill for about three or four days, but Monday night I started feeling worse, and Tuesday morning I realized it was no use ignoring it. I spent yesterday at home not doing too much but resting and helping Marjorie, who may have pneumonia again. I did read some Chrysostom on Romans, though, in prep for Sunday. I also finished up the Newsletter article and a few other odds and ends. Today I’m back at Church, but am moving (and thinking) pretty slowly, trying to priorize what else needs to happen today and this week.

Needless to say my great plans for the week are unraveling. I’m not sure a trip to the doctor is warranted yet, though if I don’t start improving soon I’ll need to go.

3 comments on “Best Laid Plans and All

  1. Oh no! Don’t all of you get sick at once again. Here’s to a speedy recovery for both of you (and to Marjorie not having pneumonia).

  2. Heavenly Father
    We know you did the difficult when you saved us, by this same grace, we ask you to heal the Halls.
    In Jesus name,

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