Checking In

Feasting, renovating, preaching, visiting, studying, translating, preparing, praying. Fathering, husbanding, building, destroying. Changes are being made.

Finishing a novel was not one of them, alas. I finished one last year in November. Have 30000 words of another, and 32000 of this one started November 1, but it wasn’t possible to finish. I have learned, now that I’ve written 110000 words of novel-length fiction what I’m getting better at and what still needs remedial practice. It will get better. It is a lot of fun, especially when the words come and the images are there and I get in the character’s heads and they start doing funky things that I didn’t know they would do.

The kitchen is progressing, though everything takes longer than it should. Such is life. It will be good and beautiful, and Dad is great.

The next post will be in a week or more. I really appreciate all of you who check in regularly!

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