So I have been fighting off a cold, and Sunday awoke pretty froggy. Then it got much, much worse as the day wore on. My voice is gone, a nasty cough has arisen, and here I am, reduced to writing and semaphore. Thankfully I enjoy writing, but the semaphore is obnoxious.

Mikayla was sweet yesterday afternoon, making me hot tea with honey, and Eliana was especially cuddly with me, adding to our nighttime prayers a petition that I would get better. This morning her prayer has not been answered yet. I must need more repentance.

So I am at home today and hope to be productive. I only need three more sermons to write until Epiphany, so perhaps I can work on that. I have my church laptop here, so I can even sit in bed while writing. Pretty nice.

Thankfully this voicelessness happened in a week when the Advent service is replaced by the Children’s Christmas Program. I do not have to worry about being able to talk until Sunday–and that is the Choir Cantata, so even that could be worse. Not that I don’t have shut-ins and hospital visits and appointments and Adult Instruction and who knows what else to do this week, but it could be worse, thanks be to God.

7 comments on “Silenced!

  1. So maybe this can count as your gift to your lovely wife? >=o)

    You can still come out here tomorrow morning (or I there if you wish) – I can pontificate all I wish. At any rate, get to feeling better – you are now not merely in general prayers but specifically for this.

  2. Pastor Brown, a gift? Perhaps! However, it is hard to communicate when he can’t talk; and just because he can’t talk, it doesn’t mean his “hearing” has improved any. So I talk, he waves his arms around. It’s all very amusing.

    Now, if all my kids couldn’t talk for a day or two (AND weren’t sick) – now THAT would be a gift! And a miracle.

  3. I guess I should ask another question. . . you weren’t struck silent in the temple when you saw and Angel and told him that you didn’t want to have another kid. . . did you? This isn’t going to be a 9 month thing, is it? >=o)

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