Writing and Visiting Day

Back in my study at Church, taking my good friend Zithromax, feeling like I will live. Since I’m on the mend I will be visiting the hospitals later this morning. It’s been really weighing on me that I have several members I haven’t seen in nearly a week.

I’m blessed this year that my sermon load is somewhat decreased. Last night we enjoyed the Children’s Christmas program, which meant I was able to sit and enjoy it without even offering a welcome or anything. It was very nice. Simple, well-organized, and plenty of solos by the kids. This Sunday is our annual Choir Cantata, so there will not be a worship service as usual. And I’ve got a pastor to fill in for me January 3 when I will be away at a wedding. All said, I have three more sermons to write before Epiphany Day.

Thank you for all your prayers!

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