Being Mr. Mom

Marjorie and the eldest were away for the National Youth Gathering for six days. Six days with three kids at home, Sunday Worship and a large funeral. We had swimming lessons and trips to the store, swimming for fun and more trips to the store. And cleaning, cleaning, straightening up and dishes! Dishes galore!

We also bought three kinds of chocolate cereal at the store. They liked that.

Getting the lawn mowed was not easy. I had to pick a time I knew they would not be going at each other’s throats nor eating all the chocolate cereal while I was distracted outside.

I didn’t do laundry, nor did I wash the floors. We swept them, and the Household Elves showed up  yesterday wearing cute hats to sweep the floors very thoroughly.

Nor did I get around to cleaning the bathrooms. Nor dusting. Nor working in the garage or home improvement projects.

Needless to say, I have a much greater appreciation for my wife and for those who are single parents too!

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  1. Thanks, honey. We had a great time and it was a good thing for mommy/teen bonding. And the house didn’t look any worse than it does some days when you come home from work, so all is good!

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