What the Fathers Preached: Luke 14:1-11

Basil the Great, Russion IconIt is not possible for man to control his anger when abused, or to overcome trials with patients when the afflicted, if he is not willing to take the last and the lowest place among other man. But a man who has attained a true humility will not be troubled by offensive or ignominious, since he is already aware of his own great unworthiness even before he is insulted. And should he be called a beggar, he already knows he is poor, and in want of everything, and that he has need each day of God’s help. If he is spoken of as insignificant and of no importance he is already aware of this in his own heart: but he was made from clay. In a word, let me say that he is great in heaven who humbly submits to his neighbor, and, without any cause for shame, there is patiently accusations made against him, even though they are false, if by this you may be at peace with his brother.

(St. Basil the Great. From The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers (4 Volume Set) )

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