Noah’s Frog

The day that Noah accidentally stepped on a frog and had nearly been crucified by the enraged eighth graders had turned sour by lunch. It was 1:15, and while eighth graders didn’t get recess-it was a kid thing-they did have blacktop time” after lunch, when they would mill about in small groups, talking with each other, flirting with each other, and otherwise acting awkward and out of place, trying to be cool. And failing. It was on the blacktop that the first conversations with girls that were beautiful and boys that were cute took place, where childhood friends since kindergarten were casually betrayed by the cruel-but-true story about dirty underwear and a sleepover back in Mrs. Rotter’s class second-grade. It was jungle, fenced on three sides. If that fourth wall had also been fenced in keeping them off of the grass, it would’ve been a prison yard. All it needed were some plastic shivs and searchlights.

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3 comments on “Noah’s Frog

  1. Wow! I loved it! I liked your character and was left wondering what was going to happen to him in the end. And why did another frog jump to its death; it left the question hanging whether it was a coincidence or is there something larger happening? I thought you did a nice job building the weight of the blacktop. I also enjoyed your analogies, as though they were really snatched out of the experience of your character – the heartless whistle, crumpled newspaper, a day old helium balloon… Gold!

    So, when do we get to read some more?!

    1. Thanks so much, and for the concrete feedback–always good and helpful. Don’t know when you can read more, as I am about to dive into National Novel Writing Month next week and will be writing that as fast as I can. Maybe I can have something polished in December to publish again.

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