The Resurrection and the Life

Phillip raised an important question in his comment on the previous post: what is the relationship between bad–or no–teaching and rejection of teaching begin?

First, church members need to make sure they are reading Scripture. Pastors can teach all they can till they are blue in the face, but if Christians are not reading the Word of God, actively attending to it, then all kinds of falsehood and wrong impressions can fester. Bible study is an important tool as well.

Second, Pastors need to make sure they are speaking Scripturally when it comes to speaking about death and the resurrection. I try to avoid saying that we will “go to Heaven when we die” because Scripture does not speak like that much. It can be misunderstood as well. We need to make sure we speak about the resurrection and speak about the work of Christ in terms of resurrection, not just forgiveness and Heaven, as if that is all there is.

So what do you do if your pastor is not teaching well? Ask him, in a loving way. You could say, “Hey Pastor, it seems to me that I don’t hear much about the resurrection of the dead in your sermons. Am I missing it? What do you think about it?” Stating it this way puts the fault in the hearer and invites him to teach you there on the spot and to share what is on his mind.

Any other ideas?

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