Parenthood and Passions

I am still thinking about the article from Fr. Tobias that I read (and posted to FB a little while ago).Controlling the passions is not something Lutherans talk much about, but it is definetaly a Scriptural way of talk ingy about our sinful natures. But most importantly his post addressed the importance of modeling our behavior to our children. They respond the way we seem the respond.

I’ve seen the same thing with myself…not as a kid, but now as I relate to my own kids and hear myself sounding just like my dad. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes I wince as I hear myself adopting the same tone he did. We’ve all been through that, anyway, if you’re old enough.

What is harder to see is how your current behavior is modeled by your kids, how your impatience makes them impatient, how your disdain for chores makes them disdain them, how we unconsciously do the things we hate and see the kids doing what we hate.

The cross is the only solution to this, in crucifying ourselves, our passions, our sins and selfish conniption fits. The cross, and prayer, of course, in seeking help from the Rock of all strength.

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  1. Too often we think of things in terms of what we want, or what feels good. Rarely do we think about what is right and good in God’s sight. This is because we would much rather give into the passions of our flesh than walk by the Spirit.

    But now I am thinking — I think I warn against the passions often… now I don’t know whether or not I actually do.

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