What Do You Actually Do at Work?

My eldest asked me the question last night. She was watching TV with us and luxuriating in having a second day off from school. I mentioned I had to go into work tomorrow and she asked what I did all day.

So I gave her the run-down of what I had planned for today:

1. Devotions

2. Two or three letters to write, including two transfers

3. The statistical report for the Synod.

4. A few phone calls to sick/shut-in members to check on them.

5. This blog to maintain (yes, not a hobby but part of my ministry, as I consider it).

6. Lunch time!

7. Back at the office to go over liturgy, readings, propers for Sunday, work on the rough drafts from the bulletin the Secretary sent last week, send those to the Director of Music.

8. Email, glance at the news, go through snail mail, filing.

The last hour or two of the afternoon is relatively free, at this point. I can study, begin Lenten preparations, catch up on my Sunday Bible study preparation, or make a shut-in visit or something.

But it is now 10:12 as I type this and here is what I’ve actually accomplished:

1. Devotions

2. Long visit with the contractor who is here to begin our remodeling project(!). Discussion of some logistical issues, including a few things we hadn’t considered, answering some of his questions, discussion of the glass and its weight and his philosophy on snow delays :). I’m impressed with him and glad I visited with him.

3. One letter completed, though not printed, a discussion with the secretary on what I talked about with the contractor.

4. This post.

But it’s a good morning anyway.picture of my desk

4 comments on “What Do You Actually Do at Work?

  1. Your To-Do List and Actually Accomplished list is a lot like mine at work – not very close to being the same! A chuck of my day is re-prioritizing as new requests and tasks come in.

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