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Last Sunday I attended church by sitting in a pew instead of standing up there where I usually worship. It was a joy to sit and stand next to my family: my aunt behind me, my sisters and parents down the pew and in front. If I cannot be with my church family here, then being with my relatives is the best. It was good to help my son remember to stand and pray, to help my sister with a hymnal as she held my goddaughter, to stop listening to the sermon because I had to attend a fidgeting child. Yep–if you’re going to ignore something in church, make sure it’s worth it. It’s God-pleasing to be distracted when you serve others or work in your vocation. Other times, though, pay attention!

Some things were not-so-good. The organist, while a fine musician who played some rockin’ preludes, postludes and offertories, played the hymns and liturgy at molasses speed compared to what I am used to. And I missed speaking the Eucharistic Prayer. I didn’t mind not preaching, leading the Kyrie reading the lessons. That was a nice break. But I found myself wanting, longing to pray what comes after the Sanctus in our liturgy. I’m looking forward to next Sunday just for that, I think.

All in all, it was a nice break, a joyful time, and it’s good to be back.


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  1. Sometimes it is strange taking a backseat when we are used to leading. It sounds, though, like your elders are well-trained and able to take the lead when you need that break. That should be a tribute to you.

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