Falling Skies and Christianity

Falling Skies is a new summer series on TNT, starring Noah Wylie (why is it that Dr. Carter always seems to play bookish types?). The series begins several months after bug-like aliens have invaded the earth, killed 90% of adult humans and enslaved the children. The series itself has some brilliant moments, as well as some really awkward dialogue and acting.

Religion is slowly becoming a theme in the show–namely, how can one have faith after what happened? One of the characters is a former medical student who is vocally “a believer.” But what makes it even more remarkable is that she is explicitly Christian and Catholic. She just doesn’t pray, she invokes the Most Holy Trinity at the beginning of her prayer, crossing herself then and at other times.

It’s refreshing to see a muscular, real Christianity portrayed sympathetically and respectfully on a television show.

And it’s even Ted Turner’s channel!

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