Twenty Days

Photo: Hilde Vanstraelen

Yep. That long since my last post. I think it may be time to put up or shut up. Seems like too many blogs are closing down and the pros are taking over. They are consolidating, I guess.

What have I been doing the past twenty days?
Administering the sacraments.
Playing with my fish tank.
Writing some fiction.
Getting the kids ready for school.
Lamenting my girth and trying to figure out a good time to get back to the Y and exercise.

That’s all I have for today.

One comment on “Twenty Days

  1. If you have something interesting to say – then say it. But feel no pressure to write. You are free in this… it’s not some paying job where if you don’t write a neat article every week you get canned. Dry spells are fine — if you find something good, you’ll show up in our blog readers and we will delight.

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