Christianity, Culture, and Cult

I wish we could get back to recognizing that a culture has a cult–a worship. Cultus is the worship of a people, and the cult produces a culture. We see this most clearly in the Muslim Countries and in the “Old Countries” of the Mediterranean and Russia. The religion of the people influences their dress, their diet, their music, their art and dancing, architecture and all those expressions which we in the West have isolated to a “secular culture.”

I put that in quotation marks, because its impossible for their to be secular culture. Humans are religious beings and worship. And if you doubt that, then ask yourself, “What influences and directs our music, dancing, architecture and art in the West?” Humanism, by and large. Humanism is the faith that drives our culture.

Christian artists must recognize this before they can create culture according to their culture. They must be formed and directed by the cultus first. What happens more often is that Christian artists (musicians–I’m talking to you) mimick the other culture, and perhaps the cultus as well.

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