Back with Both Feet In

Something about returning from vacation and being up to your neck in work and church and family schedules… it makes you want at least another week just for decompression. Ease back into it, you know? Maybe I should be preparing better.

In happy news, Christmas Eve worship was beautiful, Christmas Day was wonderful, St. Nicholas was good to us, God was good in providing safe travel, the in-laws were doing well, all things considered and we had a wonderful, fattening time eating too much and enjoying a break.

The other thing: we all tend to say, “After the holidays” when delaying things. It’s here now, boys and girls.

But in all, let us remember the one thing needful and what it is we do. We work for the good of others and glory of God, and the Gospel is here to bring us to repentance and faith. Let us attend!

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