Dare we Neglect the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity?

This article shows us why the worship of the Holy Trinity is at the heart of our Christian faith. Because we have failed to affirm the One in Three and Three in One at every time and place and place Him in the center of our worship and thought and sermons we have this false religion which denies the essence of God’s Being and Nature, denies the eternal Sonship of Jesus and yet thinks themselves as Christians.

You can talk about Jesus. You can love Jesus. You can believe Jesus died for your sins. But if you deny the Trinity you are not Christian. Such people are those who are “having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. (2Ti 3:5 ESV)”

Teaching the young who the Holy Trinity is is critical. Glorifying Him in our worship is at the heart and center of our faith. Trusting in His Goodness, even as the Son became Man is the faith.

So…is Mormonism a cult? No. But they are a non-Christian religion.

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  1. The term cult is pejoratively arbitrary. One man’s cult is another’s religion, and vice versa.

    It’s enough to simply note that Mormonism is not a traditional Christian religion and differs in numerous ways from the Catholic, Orthodox and the vast majority of Protestant churches throughout history. It is a new religious movement inspired by and sharing many aspects of Christianity, but it diverges significantly on various areas.

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