The Visitation

We had a nice crowd for the Feast of the Visitation today at Grace.  About thirty people gathered in the side chapel and we worshiped using Divine Service Setting Four. One hymn, a short homily, and the Eucharist, thanks be to God. A light lunch followed, served Grace-style. If you want to know what that means, it means beer. The Visitation is an odd duck of a Festival. A Chief Festival, according to The Lutheran Service Book, that is, a Feast of Christ, but it falls at an odd time. John the Forerunner’s Birth is celebrated on June 24. This feast, after the Octave of his birth, narrates an event which takes place before the birth. It is one of the few Feasts which does not fall on the day Tradition remembers it happening. Of course, the Post Vatican II three-year lectionary transferred it to earlier in the Spring so the dates would match up. So what happened? The Blessed Virgin Mary, carrying the Son of God in her womb met her relative Elizabeth, carrying St. John the Forerunner in her womb. The both prophesied and we learned that Mary is Blessed, and all generations will call her blessed. It’s Scripture, after all. But the Feast is about Jesus, about His indwelling, about the Forerunner’s recognition of Him hidden in the womb, and about Christ visitation with us, hidden under bread and wine.

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  1. Considering Mary’s prophetic words on this occasion, the way most Protestants shy away from anything related to Mary the mother of Jesus is peculiar to a Catholic like myself. I understand not wanting to seem too “Roman” but really, you flatter us too much. Mary is bigger than the Roman Church. I understand both our traditions profess that Mary is the Mother of God (literally, the God-bearer). This belief, like all beliefs about Mary, is really not about her at all, but about Jesus.

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