July 4th and You Christian Readers

On this Independence Day let us thank God for the religious freedoms we have. Let’s thank God for this nation and its prosperity. Let’s thank God that we are free from warlords and hit squads and secret police and tyrants who take our land and families, who inter us or tax us to death. Seriously. Sometimes we think we have it bad, but our tax rates are low compared with Europe and we are free from violence compared with Africa and we have many blessings.

Above all, for you who are Christian, remember that this world is not our home. That our nation is temporary, and your place it in even briefer. Our Kingdom is not of this world, and we dare never forget it. Give me liberty, sure. I’d rather have the true freedom of Christ and His Kingdom.

You who are Christian, remember this is not a Christian country. None are or have ever been, at least according to Jesus. His Kingdom is not of this World. Remember that rights come and go, leaders come and go, money comes and goes, but we have the promise of resurrection and eternity in the Kingdom that remains.

Set of your fireworks and sing and give thanks to God you have it easy here. So many do not.


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