Yup. We’re officially moving the family to Tulsa this weekend. Grace Lutheran Church has most graciously and awesomely decided to buy the house we love here and let us live there until we sell our house in Enid and then buy the Tulsa home from them.

We are so excited to be moving and getting back together in the same town again. This time apart has been hard on all of us.

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  1. When our youngest was three and our oldest was 6 I took a job in Iowa after I had exhausted all efforts to find something local. I started April 15 and the family didn’t move until the first week of August. Every weekend I burned up the highway between Fort Dodge and Kansas City and my husband assumed all the family duties at home. The housing market was soft and there wasn’t a buyer in sight. We finally decided the separation was so hard on everyone that we would leave the Kansas City residence vacant and rent something in Iowa even though we couldn’t really afford it. (No sooner than the ink was dry on the rental agreement we got a good offer on our house.)

    It was a terrible, terrible time of separation so I completely understand what you have been going through. Your new congregation must be truly outstanding to recognize this burden and relieve it for you. Take good care of them!

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