Kissing the Book

Grace Night Divine Liturgy, 2012

I stood in red dalmatic and announced the Holy Gospel. Red, as we celebrated the Eve (of the Eve) of the Feast of the Holy Cross, transferred.

The book was covered in gold with images of the Evangelists on the cover. I made the cross at the beginning of the reading, right on the page, and then again on my forehead, lips and heart. After the reading I kissed the book and placed it back on the altar.

Why did I kiss the book? Am I two? Do I kiss owies and scrapes too?

Maybe. Just maybe I am a two-year-old, trying to receive the Kingdom of Heaven like a little child. Maybe just maybe I kissed the book because it gives me Jesus. Maybe I kissed the book because I eat Him.

That’s it.

2 comments on “Kissing the Book

  1. There are verses, when I run across them, like Christ’s promises, or where He says “You are mine” that I kiss as I read them. I suppose it is gratitude and the gift it is to hear those words from Him that I want to clasp them to myself and kiss His feet for speaking them.

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