Crazy Week(s)

It’s been far too long since I posted here. We’ve had crazy weeks at Grace and home.

Our “Ministry Summit” took place, with the Rev. William Weedon as our facilitator. He was inspiring for us all.

Our house in Enid is under contract! Thanks be to God. Pray for a good inspection and no problems till closing!

The kids are fully integrated with school. Read this as: they are driving us crazy with extracurricular activities. Idle hands and all that.

What else? It’s time to close the pool, yardwork, a minor kitchen renovation, diving into the full fall church schedule, Wednesday night programs, New Member class, plans for further adult instruction, a funeral for Ed Flaxbart–a pillar in the congregation–and more. Plus my Church secretary, administrative wonder and heart of Grace Lutheran has been gone for three weeks. We had a lovely volunteer to answer phones, but we need our Alexis back! She’ll be in on Monday.

Maybe it will all get smoother then.


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  1. I’m just going to respond to the really important thing. Are you sure it’s time to close the pool? A few years years ago we had wonderful pool weather on the first weekend in November. Just sayin…

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