Law and Gospel…and Sanctification from Walther

“A third shortcoming in this context is when a preacher always preaches about repentance and faith, yet omits the need for good works and sanctification, at least in the sense that he is not instructing thoroughly on good works, Christian virtues, and sanctification. Describing the true Christian life and living in detail—gently and with practical examples—will work better than [when the preacher is] always threatening and admonishing people of the necessity to do these things. Luther writes the following in this regard, “XXX, Schrift von den Conciliis und Kirchen, 1539, Walch XVI, pp. 2741. [93]. By the way, if anyone would like a detailed description of true Christian life—both spiritually and how to live it—read Holy Scripture and also the beautiful examples in the Epistle section of Luther’s Church Postil.”
(CFW Walther, Pastoraltheologie, pp. 92, 93, Translation by Christian Tiews)

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