Advanced Christian Instruction?

In the Adult Bible study yesterday, a few people suggested an “Advanced New Member Class” as the new topic of discussion–a class that would cover the basics, only more in-depth than when they were confirmed as kids or adults in a six-week course twenty years ago.

I loved hearing that they wanted to learn more and go deeper. In some ways, we are already doing it: I don’t hold back much when I teach Adults on Sunday mornings. But a systematic covering of the topics in greater depth…I like it.

I just don’t know quite how to do it yet. But that’s my goal, and I have to move fast, because we are almost finished with James.

But one thing I love about Grace Lutheran Church is how eager so many are to learn. They even are willing and able to give constructive criticism on my teaching techniques. And it is constructive, because they want to learn and engage in the Word and tackle theology. I’m blessed to have these people.

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  1. I have yet to find a pastor who is not himself improved and encouraged when he is surrounded by an informed and steadfast laity that tests everything that they hear against the scriptures.

    As a layman, whenever I see another sheep that is bold and eager to start digging deeper into theology, I try to put a personal copy of the Book of Concord in their hands. Just about every catechumen receives a copy of small catechism. It would be a great thing if every congregation official and head of household had the entire Book of Concord to continue their study.

    In my last congregation, we did an article by article study of the Formula of Concord. That was pretty advanced and everyone learned a lot… and because those topics are so relevant to today, it wasn’t dry or over people’s heads.

    I was in a congregation where the elders approached the pastor and asked him to teach the confessions to them as a group for the first half hour of each meeting of the board of elders. The positive dividends in the life of that church were practically immediate.

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