8 comments on “Update

  1. Great new template! But yes, we need those links. Also, please, a real photo of you instead of that cartoon character.

  2. I’m with Anastasia! You’re much more becoming than a Simpsons cartoon. But Anastasia, I think you should put a real picture of yourself on your blog too, following your own advice of course. 😛

    Love you!

  3. If this is “what the world looks like from here” then I think you need corrective lenses! 😉 However, the blur makes it look “other worldly” so maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

    Changing templates is not so easy, I’m glad you came out of it in good shape. The site looks great…I especially like your good reads widget…but think you are too hard on CS Lewis! 🙂

  4. Links coming back…pronto!

    I’m actually not that happy with it, but I really wanted a 3-column with a nice wide posting space, which I didn’t have before, and this worked better than all the others that I’ve tried.

    I suppose I can post a real picture of my own self, but my press shot is outdated by a year, and I haven’t made an appointment with my favorite photographer to get a new one. I could post a snapshot, but I’m afraid he would give me the evil eye.

    I’ll have to check my review’s of CS Lewis’ stuff, since I’d never dream of being hard on him.

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