A Masquerade for a Post

I’m trying to get a bit of writing done today and failing miserably. After all kinds of administrative and organizational things this morning, I sat down and pounded out a newsletter article for January, which is lousy and I will need to re-write. Then there is the corresponding article on worship for the newsletter: not written. Then the blog post, which this is masquerading as.

I’ve got Sandy Hook on the brain, and everyone has something to say about it. Not me. No words. God have mercy. That’s about all I can say. Pray for the lost and living, your own kids and schools every day and may God frustrate the wicked plans of evil men.

Now, on to more things I need to be doing…

Trying New Stuff on the Blog

It’s time for a bit of a makeover ’round these parts. Time to update the header image, some of the pages. Time to fix the dumb publish to Facebook plugin which didn’t work quite right. Maybe even change the name.

This post is debuting the new Facebook plugin. Hopefully it will work more consistently than the old one. It will also take your comments from FB and put them here, and those here and put them there.

Be looking for more tweaks and adjustments later on.

Twenty Days

Photo: Hilde Vanstraelen

Yep. That long since my last post. I think it may be time to put up or shut up. Seems like too many blogs are closing down and the pros are taking over. They are consolidating, I guess.

What have I been doing the past twenty days?
Administering the sacraments.
Playing with my fish tank.
Writing some fiction.
Getting the kids ready for school.
Lamenting my girth and trying to figure out a good time to get back to the Y and exercise.

That’s all I have for today.


My goal of including more family pictures is falling on its neglected little face, but I have been including all kinds of other photos in the posts. In case you are interested, I have been getting them free, clean and legal from stock.xchng. You have to sign up for a free account, and some photographers and artists put restrictions on their work, but it is a great searchable site for stock.

New Ambitious Goal!

I’ve got a hankering to update this blog daily. Some of the posts may be short or sometimes it may just be a link to another site, but I’m doing it and plan to keep it up as long as possible.

On that note, too, how’s the new format working for you? Do you like it? Is it distracting or annoying? What other changes would you like to see here?

Blog Update on Church Father Sermons

church fathers imageI realized that I hadn’t posted any excerpts from the Church Father’s sermons lately, but I have a good reason. I’ve been preaching a sermon series on The 10 Commandments, so I haven’t been referring much to my Fathers’ resources of late.

I’ve been trying to use the lectionary readings as texts as much as possible, though honestly a few of the sermons have only referenced them in a vague kind of way.

The series ends next week, and I will return to my regular lectionary preaching, so too, the Church Fathers will have a chance to speak to us again here as well. That is, if this still interests you.

All Fixed Now

Thanks to the friendly people at my hosting site, I was able to fix the problems with blog. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details here, but let’s just say it was a rogue .htaccess file and some unruly permalinks. If that makes sense to you, then you probably know more than I do.

If you have links to any particular webpage of mine that you know of, you may want to double-check that and make sure it still links to the proper page.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Blog Admin Guy

Are blogs dying?

My completely and totally anecdotal observation: my blog traffic really dropped off in March of this year. I hadn’t been tracking for some time, so when I looked it up today I was surprised by how much it had fallen off.

In that month.

I had the feeling fewer were visiting, but when I saw the March dip, and the numbers remaining fairly stable since then, I began to wonder. Why then? What happened in March that made me loose about 1/2 the average day’s readers and keep the rest?

I read my March posts to see if I could get a hint. Nothing. But then I realized it was around March when I stopped reading so many blogs and began relying on Facebook and Twitter more. I certainly stopped commenting on blogs around that time.

Now, I still check the Google Reader and much of the list on the left of this page. But not like I used to. I don’t read as deliberately as I used to.

So here’s my unassailable conclusion: people like who live, work, act and look just like me do not read blogs as much as they used to.